The 45 Biggest News Broadcaster Fails While being Live on Air (Gallery)


When Millions of Viewers are watching, TV Channels are carefully planning everything to not slip up. But sometimes things go wrong despite all the careful preparation. This is especially true on Live TV. In this article we’re going to show you the biggest and hilarious News Broadcaster Fails. Be prepared for big pink bouncy balls coming out of nowhere, hilarious children interrupting their moms and dads, the fight of man vs. nature, misguided high-fives, and many more.

He was not interested in being interviewed. Or maybe he was just being helpful cooling this reporter down on a hot summer day. One thing can be said for sure – he has a good aim.

Spiderman is suffering from delayed reactions. After a little shock the news reporter was fine, and she forgave Spiderman for his all to human reactions.

Merry Christmas Mate! Legends say that it took the camera crew 15 minutes to dig him out.

Pirates are Wild and Unpredictable – even on Live TV.

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