The Incredible Story of Two Sisters who were born together


Most people can’t imagine the life without their brothers and sisters. Even though you argue and fight sometimes, you love her/him more than anyone in the world. Some siblings are so close that they miss each other every moment they are not together and long to study in the same class for example, no matter they are different age or to live in the same house forever even when they get married. But once we are grown up we realize that’s almost impossible and go our separate ways.

For these two unusual twins this dream is reality. They were born together. Literally. Abby and Brittany Hensel are conjoined twins. And the most important – they are always together. Sounds strange and exciting at the same time. How many of the “normal” people could be with their closest person all the time? And how many of us have never felt lonely? Well, these two sisters haven’t separated from each other for a moment since 1990.

Аlthough doctors gave them a slim chance to live more than few years, now they are grown women, they graduated from university, drive car, travel abroad, wear fashionable cloths and have lots of friends.

Visibly they share one body and have two heads. Practically several vital organs of Abby and Brittany are doubled. Each sister has a separate spine, pair of lungs, heart and stomach. They control their own half of the body. The main physical challenge for them was to coordinate their movements in order to walk and use their hands like a single person would do. Аny activity that we perceive as something normal and have never thought how our body manage to do it could be really difficult for these Siamese twins. It was a matter of much effort and suffering for them, their parents and their physiotherapists but now they are walking, running, dancing, swimming, clapping and one can hardly notice that this body is controlled by two people. They both have driving license.

Otherwise they can eat and write separately and have very distinguishable personalities. The twins have different identity documents, take their exams twice and are treated as two persons, although sometimes they use first person singular when they talk about themselves.

Abby and Brittany are really lucky. The truth is that they are a rear medical phenomenon. Most of conjoined twins die soon after their birth or the doctors save only one of the twins. It was a hard decision for Hensels to bring up two headed child but they had a full support from doctors, friends, relatives. As the twins grew up as a normal, healthy person and The Oprah Winfrey Show made them famous, people became much more sympathetic and even excited by their story. Sisters are well accepted in the society and lead a full and quality life.

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