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Gambling is an exciting activity and like all such activities, has some concealed dangers. Whether it is sports, a game, a machine or an outcome that you bet on, you risk money, and there’s an excitement in risking something in order to gain the opportunity of winning something else that is very thrilling. A lot of people love to gamble and though it’s a vice just like all the others like drinking, smoking, and sleeping around. On first sight, gambling appears to be the safest option among these vices because it isn’t life-threatening like drinking, doesn’t cause cancer like smoking and won’t give you diseases like fornication. All that notwithstanding, gambling is sure to ruin your life and if you become addicted and play frequently, it will also destroy the lives of your loved ones.

Gambling has caused a lot of persons to lose all they had, but there are other persons who possess self-control and play moderately and when gambling is done in this way, you are sure to have lots of fun. Gambling might be your way of relaxing on the weekends or something you engage in during the evenings. It’s easy to gamble moderately and all that needs to be done is just to implement the following five steps. Once implemented, it becomes an enjoyable activity which won’t ruin your life and the lives of your loved ones and surprisingly, you might end up winning some money.

1) Manage your gambling money

Each and every time you want to gamble, money management should be the first of your concerns. It’s a technique used to avoid huge losses and to control yourself. Therefore, you should execute the simple steps outlined here before you start gambling. Firstly, plan for all your gambling expenditure as the month begins. Keep in mind that this is money that you’ll probably lose as you decide the amount to spend. Endeavor to keep some extra money aside in case of emergencies and you must be able to take care of the rest of your necessary expenses for the month.

Having said that, move all your gambling money (i.e. the money that you are ready to lose) to a separate account and link this account to the gambling website and when going to the casinos, only use this account. Other bank/credit cards should be left at home. During the month, whenever you feel like adding more money to this gambling account, quit playing, because that is the gateway to addiction. When this happens, quit gambling for some months, after which you can continue.

Lastly, and this should be obvious, DO NOT GAMBLE ON CREDIT!!! Play only with the money you have and don’t let gambling impact negatively on your normal life!

2) Endeavor to have fun

You should treat gambling as the game that it is and not as a way of life/profession. The most important reason for playing any game is to have fun and if you don’t have fun, why else should you play? Your primary aim for gambling is to have fun and you should stop if you are becoming addicted.

3) Be sober

Being drunk is the worst state to be in when gambling, although most persons are more likely to gamble when intoxicated, because all restrictions evaporate when you become drunk. But be firm and remember that you are playing with money, so you shouldn’t gamble when drunk.  Downing one or two drinks when gambling in the casino, or drinking beer while watching and betting on a game is acceptable, but don’t allow the drinking to get out of hand. Doing so will turn gambling into a tragedy.

4) Know when to leave.

Knowing when to quit is the hardest side of gambling. When you lose at gambling, it’s easy to think that your money can be recovered if you play long enough. Conversely when you win, you don’t want to ever stop because you think that you are on a winning streak, and you want to ride it all the way. Your inclinations in both scenarios are wrong, because once you lose continuously, the same thing is likely to keep on happening. And if in order to recuperate your losses, you need several wins, the smart thing to do is to quit immediately because that way, you won’t lose any more money.  Just set a limit for losing before you begin to gamble and once it is reached, you know that it’s time to quit.

If on the other hand you are winning, it becomes even harder to stop. But you shouldn’t be greedy. All you need to do is to set a new limit for losing that is approximately half of your winnings, and once that point is reached, quit while you are still ahead.

5) Always be prepared

Before you gamble, you must prepare for the games that you want to play. The preparation should include being conversant with their rules and the probability of winning. It smacks of stupidity to go to a blackjack table without knowing the rules. Before going to a casino to gamble, invest some time to know and understand the rules, and to prepare your tactics and game plan. By so doing, you increase your chances of winning.

Following these five simple guidelines will ensure that your gambling experience will be a pleasant and enjoyable one and reduce the possibility of addiction and other negative outcomes and it’s just possible that at the end, you will end up smiling to the bank.