These Cops Were Caught On Camera Robbing This Poor Guy Selling Hot Dogs


Have you ever felt like you don’t live in the “Land of the Free” anymore? With all that’s happening right now in the U.S. it’s not that hard to believe, that we have less and less freedoms and the country is controlling larger and larger parts of our lives. They monitor our conversation, our activity, our health and enforce all kinds of restrictions. Some of them admittedly are for the greater good of all, but some are questionable to say the least. This story I’m about to tell you will convince you that we no longer live in the land of the free, but it also will show you that the people that live in this country have the potential to create a just country where everyone who wants to work hard, can earn his money without someone taking them away.

The stage for this story is in Berkeley, CA where a typical day was disturbed by the local police force. A man was selling hot dogs which he made in his vending cart when he was stopped and not only was he cited but the officer literally robbed him as they took his wallet and “liberated” the money in it. All and all this meeting with the police cost this vendor a solid 10,000 bucks. The worst thing is that this latino man was just trying to earn some extra cash to feed his family. The fate though was on his site. One of his customers started defending him. You will never guess what happened next.

The customer, named Martin Flores took out his smartphone and started recording every second of this bizarre use of power. He started protesting that what the police officers were doing was not right, that all of this was wrong. “That’s how it works”, replied the policeman and added that the judge will decide whether or not what they are doing is wrong. What happened after this video became viral is just incredible. Read on!

Several days later the news of this police work has outraged many people all over The U.S. Berkeley’s Vice Chancellor Scott Biddy issued a statement in which he endorsed the officers’ actions and explained that every vendor must first pay a tax to the government and after that he may try to sell his goods. People all over the country seems to disagree with this policy and it was shown by an amazing act of kindness towards this latino man, that had earned his money by hard work, but the state took them away.  What the whole society did for this hard working man will make you cry.

After this atrocity become viral a Go Fund Me page for this hot dog vendor has been created. At first the idea was to just help him pay his fine and to restore the money that he was robbed of. But than something incredible happened. People started giving and sharing his story and in less than 3 days the campaign has already raised over $70,000. Now Martin Flores, who was behind this campaign is looking to find the vendor, which he witnessed being robbed by the police to give him the money.

Check out the incredible video how the States robs a hard working man of his money:

Share this video with your friends and never forget that people are inherently good and no matter what the government does it’s the people’s actions that can change a person’s life.