This Gorgeous Girl Has A Terrifying Secret, And No One Can Guess What It Is


Seeing a gorgeous woman is one of the few delights a man can experience no matter of his social, economic or marital status. Even though you know you will never get intimate with them, just taking a glimpse of their gorgeous body in revealing outfit is enough to make you smile. One might think this is sexist, but it’s the furthest thing from. Watching their divine forms with awe, e almost every man knows only to look, never to touch. This is why there are so many companies, so many events that count on gorgeous women to promote events.

In the racing industry women are usually dressed in revealing mechanic’s outfits, cause what is sexier than a girl, smart enough to repair cars. One might say this is sexist again, but once more it’s the furthest thing from the truth. A woman mechanic is far superior than any man mechanic- I mean, come on, who in their right mind would look at their repairman, while he is tinkering with your car. But I digress.

There are thousands of gorgeous women out there, who become models and millions of young girls strive to become one. There is one model out there though, that has a huge secret. I’m not going to tell you who she is, but I’m going to tell you her secret-  she was not always a girl. Less than an year ago was a man. And the story of why he made the decision to become a she is heartbreaking. Read on and you will find out the story that will bring you to tears.

10 years ago a man, whose real name we won’t use, but instead we’ll call him Josh, was just an 18 year old boy, not very bright as he described himself. He got involved with some illegal business and before he was 19 he was already serving a 7 year sentence in Oklahoma State Reformatory Work Center. Josh doesn’t want to remember this nightmarish time, full of rape, abuse and tears. His whole life changed there and his hell was not over even when he left.

“When I left this hellhole I found myself on the street, I was too embarrassed to go back to my family, especially since they hadn’t come once to visit me during my time behind bars. I guess they were too disappointed in me, and I don’t blame them. I don’t know if they are even still alive”, Josh confesses through tears. Once out of prison he experienced first hand the hard reality of life after prison. For almost an year he tried to find work, a place to stay and because of his criminal past this was impossible. He lived for over six months on the streets, begging and working some day jobs for food. He even thought of starting to steal and rob people, but the thought of getting back to the hellhole, that is prison, stopped him every time. Little that he know his life was about to change forever.

One day, after spending God knows how many months on the streets, he met an old friend, who had become a plastic surgeon. He gave him some money and invited him to spend a week or two in his home. During that time Josh explained his struggle, he explained how he had a personality crises as well. A psychologist help him realize that he was actually a woman in a man’s body, but Josh refused to believed because of all the times he got raped behind bars. In his mind this was something he was made to believe during his time in the joint. After several hours of intense therapy he finally was relieved – he was a woman in a man’s body.

His friend offered to make a gender swapping surgery and Josh would pay him when he has enough money to do so. After a little hesitation Josh agreed and the procedure was a complete success. He not only have become a woman, but a gorgeous one as well. He was already a she.

In several months the former Josh, whom we now will call Janny, had signed a contract with a modeling agency and money and fame were on the way. The only fear she has is that her secret might ruin her career, but with a body like hers his is almost impossible. Nevertheless she prefers to keep her identity a secret.

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