They Went To Dark Dining, Just Look What They’ve Been Served


Mankind has survived thanks to its appetite for various foods. People around the world eat things that people in other parts of the world will never consider to be an appropriate substance for putting into a mouth. While the biggest part of “developed” societies eats nothing but some fruit, vegetables and muscles of domestic animals like pigs, cows, sheep, chickens and few other species, there are nations which are much more open for the goods that Mother Nature offers.

Bull Penis – Asia

Do you know what a pizzle is? Not at all? I’ll give you a hint. It is edible and it is a very special part of all male mammals. Now you’ve riddled it, haven’t you? Perhaps you have seen them dried and served in your dog’s plate. But they are suitable for humans. The bull penis is not only a delicacy but it is also thought to be a strong aphrodisiac and that’s the main reason for many people to consume it. And they are rich in protein and minerals. So think about it next time you feed your dog.

Cockroaches – China

Some call them the food of the future. Others say they don’t want to continue their life in this future. Ready or not, you have to reconcile that the cockroaches could save humanity. They grow fast and don’t need any special care or food. Cheap and nutritious – what else we could ask for! People in China have eaten these intrusive bugs for a long time and have never complained.

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