They Do not want you to know – My Brother Freaked Out when He Wøn the Jackpøt on his Smartphone


It was a typical Wednesday evening like any other. The whole family was home and everyone was doing their own stuff after dinner. Me and dad were in the living room watching TV, mom was at the kitchen doing something, and Jeb, my older brother, was in his room zombified on his smartphone. He did this every night after dinner and at that point I thought he had a girlfriend, but he didn’t want us to know about her. I think that mom and dad thought the same and they gave him his privacy. After all he was 18 for several months now. We didn’t know that this fateful Wednesday would change our lives forever.

It must have been sometime after 9:00 when we heard a piercing shout from upstairs. At first we jumped and ran towards the stairs to see if everything is alright with Jeb, but we suddenly stopped as we saw him shouting “I won’, “I won”. He had won 3 million dollars from an online casino, which he played on his smartphone. All this time, while we were thinking he was chatting with girls, he was gambling. At first everyone were happy. We never struggled for money and mom and dad were good providers, but God knows we could use the money. But in several minutes, when Jeb explained that he won the money on an online casino, my mom burst into tears and started shouting. She couldn’t believe her son gambled. I went to my room while Jeb, mom and dad were arguing.

An hour later Jeb came into my room to see me. I asked him why he was gambling? I couldn’t believe he was so irresponsible. Then he explained to me, that if done properly, gambling can actually bring you money without very high risk. He told me that he had devised 7 rules of playing slots, that if followed, anyone can become a winner.

After that night local news reporters, local TV stations, and all kinds of media wanted to speak to my brother. He became some kind of a famous person in our small community. They all asked what was his secret, but all he did was to smile and say “I got lucky”. For a short time he even went viral. But luck was only a small portion of why he won. Even my parents understood at the end, that Jeb wasn’t irresponsible, and he didn’t put our family’s future at stake. It was all planed out.

This was some time ago and once I turned 18 I started to gamble as well, using these rules. My family already won enough with this strategy, so we decided to share them in the internet, so other people might take advantage of this wisdom. So here are my brothers 7 rules of playing slots

Rule #1 Always Play For Fun

This is a MUST. You shouldn’t play if you don’t like the slots. Playing on your smartphone is taking a lot of your free time. So if you don’t have fun during this time you won’t be invested and you might miss something critical. On the other hand if you only play for the win you will be emotional, angry and you might make a mistake. Just have fun and when you start to play always be prepared to lose the money you invested. It’s like you went to a bar. But instead of drinking your money your gambling them away. And while in the bar you will certainly not win anything except maybe a hangover, on the slots you might win some good money while you’re having fun, and being save at home.

Rule #2 Play Only With Your Own Money

This actually should go without saying, but let’s shout it out together just to be sure. Ready? OK “NEVER TAKE CREDIT TO PLAY SLOTS”. Furthermore you should separate your gambling money from your regular money and never gamble with money you need. The only time when it’s OK to play slots is when you have enough spare money. It’s best if you make a separate  account in which you can keep you gambling money. You should never place all your spare money in this gambling account. Keep them separated and never, ever put in this account more than you can afford.

Rule #3 Don’t Play Progressive Slots.

Progressive slots might seem tempting but you shouldn’t be too quick to fall to their trap. Yes they give far bigger jackpots, but they pay far less than other slots. The temptation is great I know, but think how many people have tried to win this jackpot and failed to accumulate such enormous grand prize. Winning the big jackpot is almost impossible and the casino has a far bigger edge than on regular slots.

Rule #4 Never Use a System

Dozens of systems offer you riches and winnings every time on slots but that’s all nonsense. There are no system that can give you edge over the slot. It’s practically impossible because there are no patterns. All slots work with a system called “ Random Number Generator” RNG. It’s impossible to predict the outcome of any spin, because each spin is a different session. The only systems you need to concern yourselves with are the money managing once.

Rule #5 Take Your Time

If you follow the first rule this one wouldn’t be so hard to achieve. There are people that make over 500 spins an hour. This is a true waste of money and time. Take it down a notch. After all you’re playing for fun, remember? You are laying on your bed, or sitting on your favorite chair and you have the whole night to play the game. If you have anything better to do, just do it. The casino app won’t delete itself from your smartphone tomorrow night. You can even make your play more fun by inventing your own little lucky routine, before you make your next spin.

Rule #6 Join a Slots Club

Casinos win a lot of money from people like you. For every winner there are hundred of losers, some of who lose thousands of dollars. This is why most casinos and even online casinos cherish their loyal customers greatly. They give all kinds of bonuses like free spins, rebates and rewards. Of course they will probably be less than what you have actually spent in the casino, but it’s nice to win something every time while you wait for the big hit.

Rule #7 Stop Playing Once You Hit it Big

When you hit a big jackpot you should stop playing. The chances of you winning something big a second time are just laughable. When you hit the big jackpot it would be much better to invest your winnings in something that will actually bring you money every day, not just from time to time. You can still continue to play, but just stick to the free spins and some slots that don’t gulp a lot of money.


Follow this rules and you will at least have fun.